English:  Fat -
[Old English fætt "fat, fatted, plump, obese," originally a contracted past participle of fættian "to cram, stuff," from Proto-Germanic *faitida "fatted," from verb *faitjan "to fatten," from *faita- "plump, fat" (source also of Old Frisian fatt, Old Norse feitr, Dutch vet, German feist "fat"), rom root *peie- "to be fat, swell" (source also of Sanskrit payate "swells, exuberates," pituh "juice, sap, resin;"  Lithuanian pienas "milk;" Greek pion "fat; wealthy;" Latin pinguis "fat"). Meaning "abounding in comforts, prosperous" is late 14c.
 .  Fat cat "privileged and rich person" is from 1928; fat chance "no chance at all" attested from 1905.   Fathead is from 1842; fat-witted is from 1590s; fatso is first recorded 1943. Expression the fat is in the fire "the plan has failed" (1560s). Spanish gordo "fat, thick," is from Latin gurdus "stupid, doltish; heavy, clumsy," which also is the source of French gourd "stiff, benumbed" (12c.), engourdir "to dull, stupefy, benumb" .]
1: having too much flabby tissue; corpulent; obese  
2 : plump; well-fed   
3 : consisting of or containing fat; greasy; oily  
4: profitable, as an office  

6: wealthy; prosperous; rich  
7: plentiful; abundant   
9:: dull; stupid 

. .... n. 21: an overabundance or excess; superfluity

Russian:    Живóт - Zheevot – belly    
                  Живóтное - Zheevotnoye - beast

Latin:  Stomach-or-ari-ari-sum – to be indignant with, to be angry,  to fume
           Stomach-us-I – stomach, esophagus, gullet; irritation, annoyance

English idiom:  Fathead - stupid
                          Fat chance - not a good chance or possibility of happening

Italian idioms:  Pancia - belly
                     Grattarsi la pancia - (to scratch the belly) to twiddle one's thumbs
                     Stare in panciolle - (literally to stay in in the belly) to loll about

Scots:  Belly – to eat or drink greedily

German:  Bauch – belly, gluttony
               Bauchmensh – somebody guided more by feeling than intellect

German idiom:  In den Magen haben (literally to have in the stomach) to be angrry

Latin:  Gula – throat, greed

Spanish idiom:  Se arma la gorda – (literally to arm o.s to the fat) there was a terrible row or fight

Gaelic:  Tòic – swelling in the body or face from easy living
             Toic – wealth, wealth that puffs up; gluttony, luxury

French slang:  Tete de lard – (literally a fathead) stubborn person

Russian:  Чрево - Chrevo – belly
               Чревоугодеа - Chrevougodeea – gluttony

“But Israel was soon overfed
Then, in plenty, they forsook their God.”  Deuteronomy 32: 15

“The good man eats to live, while the evil man lives to eat.”   Proverbs 13: 25

“When dining with a rich man, be on your guard and don’t STUFF YOURSELF, though it all tastes so good; for he is trying to bribe you, and no good is going to come of his invitation.” Proverbs 23:1

“… GORGING AND STUFFING THEMSELVES without thought for others”.  Jude 1: 12

English:  1Plump - [late 15c., "blunt (see Stupid Delays), dull" (in manners), from Dutch plomp "blunt, thick, massive,
                             stumpy  related to plompen "fall or drop heavily" (see plump (v.)). Meaning "fleshy, of rounded form"
                              is from 1540s in English. Danish and Swedish plump "rude, coarse, clumsy" are from the Low German
                              word and represent a different sense development.]

English:  Swell – 1a: to expand (as in size, volume, or numbers) gradually beyond a normal or original limit  
                              b: to be distended or puffed up 
                          2a: to become filled with pride and arrogance 
                            b: to behave or speak in a pompous, blustering, or self important manner  c. to play the swell

                          3: to become distended with emotion

German:  Schwellen – to swell, belly, fill
                Geschwollen – pompous ass, pretentious, self-important

                Schwulst – bombastic, pompous, grandiloquent, over-ornate

Italian:  Gonfiare – to blow, swell; to blow up; inflate; exaggerate

French:  Gonfler – to swell, inflate
             Il est gonfle! – he has some nerve!
            Gonfle – (slang) lie; exasperate

English:  1Puff – 1a(1): to blow in short gusts… b: to breath hard : PANT c: to emit whiffs of smoke
                              2: to speak or act in a scornful, conceited, or exaggerated manner  
                              3: to become distended : SWELL vt 2a: INFLATE   b: to make proud or conceited :
                                  ELATE c(1): to praise extravagantly and usu. with exaggeration (2): ADVERTISE    
              Puffery – undue exaggerated flattery, praise, publicity, or acclaim

Scots:  Puff – to boast or brag

           Puffle – to swell
German:  Puff – a thump, a bang
              Puff - brothel

English:  Bosom - [from PIE root *bhou- "to grow, swell ]
                Breast - [from PIE root *bhreus- "to swell
, sprout"]


English:  Deuce – [from Middle French deus, via Latin duo – two]
                           3: [obs. English deuce – bad luck] a: devil, dickens

              Deuced – damned, confounded
              Deucedly - extremely

In Chinese, we have a proverb: 祸不单行, meaning bad things seem always to happen in a pair. The phase has been translated as "bad things happen in twos". 

German:  Zwei, zwie - two
               Zweikampf - duel 

               zweideutig – ambiguous
         entzweien – to set at odds, fall out  
              zwielichtig – shady, dubious
              zwietracht – discord, conflict

Swedish:  Tve/tva – two
                 Tvar – abrupt, curt
                 Tvedraht - hostility 
                 Tvetydlig - equivocal

Polish:    Wojna - war
             Podwojny – double

Polish:   Dwa – two
             Dwoja – failing mark in school

French:  Deux - two
              Rentrer a deux – to return home drunk
              Ca fait deux – be poles apart

English:  Demon - [
c.1200, from Latin daemon "spirit," from Greek daimon "deity, divine power; lesser god; guiding
                            spirit, tutelary deity" (sometimes including souls of the dead); "one's genius, lot, or fortune;" from
                            PIE *dai-mon- "divider, provider" (of fortunes or destinies), from root *da- "to divide"]




    News 12 Mark Sudol   
  Reckless Muckraker and Accused Slanderer  

Sabba - to insult, abuse, call names, revile, rail at, to curse,
                   to exchange insults or abusive language
سبة Subba - disgrace, shame, dishonor
سباب Sabbab - abuser, vituperator, reviler
سبابة Sabbaba - index finger, pointer finger

Spanish:  No tener dos dedos de frente - ( not have two fingers ) to be really stupid

Russian:  пáлцем дéланный - Palstyem delanniy - ( made with a finger ) a fool, an idiot

French:  Comme les deux doigts de la main – ( like the two fingers of the hand ) to be thick as thieves

Russian:  как два пáльца обоссáть - Kak dva paltsa obassat - ( like two fingers set about ) to be very easy

English:  Finger-pointing - blaming others; the act of making explicit and often unfair accusations of blame

  Mark Sudol - weenie boy muckraking cuck from News 12 Ct. who did a slanderous and defamatory news story on my March 5, 2018 arrest for alleged Second Degree Breach of Peace, where I allegedly approached a woman in a car at a local market I frequent every day on Nov. 5th 2107 - yes 4 months earlier. I was arrested 4 months later. Insane. This asshole Mark Sudol read the incredibly biased Westport Police arrest report from "investigating" officer James Sullivan (a very corrupt police officer who stands 4 ft 10 suffering from Napoleons Disease who never did a proper interview with me over the 4 month "investigation"). Mark Sudol actually came to my house after the low end Second Degree Breach of Peace arraignment to interview me. Do they not have more serious stories?

Who is behind this incredible public lynching? Something stinks. Of course Mark Sudol did not include anything of substance from our talk at my front door with his news van parked down the street. BLOODY COWARD. Mark Sudol then falsely reported on their nightly news show 5 slanderous and defamatory lies, with the the most damaging being that I was arrested for "stalking".

Mark Sudol reported the following 5 slanderous and defaming lies:
1: I was arrested for "stalking" - LIE  
2: "I was facing similar charges in California" - LIE,
3 : a outstanding restraining order - LIE ,
4 : hat there were 10 women who made complaints - a result of Officer Sullivan's LIES, and
5: they even got the date of the arrest wrong.  

A complete nightmare.
A call from my lawyer the next day resulted in News 12's slander and defamation being taken down from their news sources with a splash page saying "Our Apologies". Yes their coverage of me now is nothing but "Our Apologies". Such a worm. AND YES THESE SCUM BAGS ARE GETTING SUED BIG TIME.
Mark Sudol might have been set off from a very sick and vindictive woman by the name of Wendy Chambers (see Below) who was part of his slander. What happens since the unjust arrest and slander and defamation from Mark Sudol and News 12 Ct is a lesson for all news organizations because what is happening to men since the 2016 election via the "Nasty Woman" movement is way out of control and it is time my story be known nationally to help address the incredible bias from police and the
flighty bird women harpies who are attacking men. Up to the 2016 election and since the 2016 election, America is experiencing the worst gender confusion and gender war in all human history.

Punk-ass out of shape little weenie pudge-ball cucks devoid of wisdom who are unable to properly see like muckraking sensationalist slandering and defaming sorry ass excuse for a "news" Mark Sudol are a major part of the problem. When I get done showing the evidence - written and video AND witnesses ... this piece of shit Mark Sudol will never work in news again. News 12 slander and defamed me with some of the most neglectful, despicable, and biased coverage anyone could receive. They attempted to conflate me wioth the MeToo madness and God knows what else given .
the mental state of the insane accuser - Wendy Higgins Chambers who fomented the out-of-the-ordinary coverage.

What is so amazing is after News 12 posted a page saying "Our Apologies" ... the link to this "Apology" was gone in weeks. Meaning ....
they knew/know they fucked up big time and used their power to contact Google and have me completely erased from their searches. And I am also a total ghost on News 12 Ct. website. So much fuss and now I cannot be found anywhere. Yet the damages had already been done having receeived so many calls and concerns from various people because of News 12 Ct.'s slander and defamation. My reputation was already destroyed. News 12 Ct. never did a follow up story detailing their mistakes.
The name Mark comes from the pagan Roman god of war meaning "pagan god of war"
The name Sudol is a place name in Poland without derivation - lets just temporarily say it could mean "asshole".

The English word “war” comes from the Old High German word werran, verwirren – to confuse.

English:  War – [M.E. were, fr. O.N.Fr., of Gmc. origin; akin to O.H.G. werra strife;
                          akin to O.H.G. werran to confuse]            
             1War – state of armed hostile conflict…         
             2War – to engage in warfare …
             3War – chiefly Scot : worse  
             4War, warred, warring – chiefly Scot : worst
             Confuse – 1: to bring to ruin 
                              2a: to make embarrassed : ABASH 
                                b: to disturb in mind or  purpose 
                              3a: to make indistinct : BLUR 
                                b: mix indiscriminately : JUMBLE 
                                c: to fail to  differentiate from an often similar or related other  
      syn see MISTAKE

Dutch:  War - tangle, muddle, confusion
            verwarren -to confuse
            Verwarrung - confusion

Arabic: حر Harra – to be hot, heated, flare up, ardent,
                                   to liberate, free, set free
            حرب Harb – war

"There is no freedom without law".  Moses