AH ..... LETS GET REAL!!!.
Russian:  Кривой - Kreevoy – crooked, curved; one-eyed

English:  Deadeye - [dead + eye, thus “one-eyed” .. like a gun’s scope, or a
                                Cyclops, the classic myth monsters that forged thunder



Arimaspi or Arimaspoi, legendary people of northern Scythia, "always at war with their neighbours" and stealing gold from griffins. They had a single eye in the centre of the forehead.
Duwa Sokhor, ancestor of Chingis Khan, according to The Secret History of the Mongols, who had one eye in his forehead.
Katallan, man-eating giant in Albanian mythology, lives in a cave and has one eye in the middle of his forehead.
Hajnjeri, man-eating giant in Albanian mythology, has one eye in the middle of his forehead.
Balor, giant in Irish mythology, with one eye in his forehead that would wreak destruction when opened.
The Graeae, the three witches (or sisters) that shared one eye and one tooth between them. Often depicted as clairvoyant. Were forced by Perseus, by stealing their eye, into revealing the location of Medusa.
Hagen or Högni, a Burgundian warrior in German and Norse legend, depicted as one-eyed.
Hitotsume-kozō, were one-eyed monsters (obake) in Japanese folklore.
Kabandha is a demon with no head or neck with one large eye on the breast and a mouth on the stomach.
Likho, a embodiment of evil fate and misfortune in Slavic mythology has one eye.
Ojáncanu is a one-eyed giant with long beard and red hair of Cantabrian mythology who embodies evil, cruelty and brutality.
Psoglav is a one-eyed dog-headed monster in Serbian mythology.
Tepegoz is a one-eyed ogre in Oghuz Turkish epic Book of Dede Korkut.
Geman:  wendig - manoeuverable; slippery
             wenden - to turn
          aufwendig leben -extravagant life
               aufwendig - expensive, extravagant
Dutch:  wending - a turn, a twist

English:  Wander - [fr. Germ. wend to turn]
                          1: to ramble without a definite purpose or objective; roam, rove, or stray
                          2: to go aimlessly, indirectly, or casually; meander
                          3: to extend in an irregular course or direction.
                          4: to move, pass, or turn idly, as the hand or the eyes.
                          5: (of the mind, thoughts, desires, etc.)
                            to take one direction or another without conscious intent or control
                          6: to stray from a path, place, companions, etc.
                          7: to deviate in conduct, belief, etc.; err; go astray: Let me not wander from Thy Commandments.
                          8: to think or speak confusedly or incoherently
Old English:  Onhigian – to attack, despoil, is related.
Gaelic:  Ùigean – wanderer, a fugitive

English:  Rove - [fr. Scots rave, M.E. roven to shoot at
, fr. O.N. rafa]
                         1: to move aimlessly, ROAM, to wander, stray
              Rover - [fr. M.Du. roven to rob, O.N. to shoot arrows randomly]
                           to rob, PIRATE
              The child game red rover red rover

Scots:  Rave – to roam, stray, roam
            Rave – to reave, take by violence

            Rove - to be delirious, to rave, talk in ones sleep, wandering

            Roving – of unsettled character, excitable; full of animal spirits, unsettled weather
                        adv. quite, excessively  n. delirium, raving

The following Gaelic words of English origin associates a rover with the following:
Gaelic:  Reabh (rev) – wile, trick
             Reabhach (revach) – 1: a trickster, a wicked fellow  2; the devil
             Rèabhair (rever) – a crafty subtle fellow; a rover, to reave, rob

German:  Vorspinnen – to rove
               Spinnen – to spin; plot an intrigue; to lie, make things up; to be crazy, talk rubbish
               Spinner – nutcase, idiot

Wendy Higgins Chambers
wandered into legal matters that were not her business beyond her comprehension and according to police meant for redaction aka private, and persistently attacked me knowing I was already damaged from her prior actions with News 12. She was
never harmed and chose to persistently, extremely, and maliciously persecute me around towns and the world at large before and after Due Process of Law without any kind of probable cause I committed any crime. She is the only woman who did this. Her “concerns for other
women” at markets were already addressed by the police with the arrest for One Count of Second Degree Breach of Peace and should have been left to prosecutor, judge, witnesses, and potential jury and any further accusations deserved to be investigated by police themselves to
establish if there was a need for another arrest let alone special multiple hit jobs (PLURAL) news stories in the age of the Internet outside of the proper news for the arresting charge in tune with the Official Police Press Release and Police Redaction Policies. Having no prior arrests let alone convictions, I deserved some kind of Presumption of Innocence, respect for Due Process of Law, respect for past Due Processes of Law, and overall fair play for to this day there are no sworn written statements about supermarket run ins with me and statute of limitations is in effect. Wendy Higgins Chambers is the only woman who feels the need to press and harass me beyond normal processes for she has literally caused (made) 2 federal cases over this sole arrest that was so trivial and devoid of evidence that prosecutors could not even come close to produce a guilty result. This is truly a sick and unfair time we are in, and it is high time a case with such obvious
and gross examples of being conflated with the MeToo sex harassment zeitgeist let alone gross examples of persistent persecution free of harms done to them be given all the media attention it deserves so to protect future men from the insanity I experienced. Who was damaged more – any woman at a market who mysteriously never gave their name and press charges or was it in fact me? Who was harmed more - Is it Wendy Higgins Chambers or I?

 Crazy Woman 
 Playing Some Kind of Victim, seeking some knid of Social Justice Warrior Revenge, Targeting Me For My Politics, Etc ...
Who The Hell Knows  
 Fomenting the Extreme and Slanderous Article from News 12 and then Westport News

This Was My First Cathartic Writing On Her Attack Upon Me Trying To Figure Out What The Hell. SEE ALL COURT FILINGS I Present For The Details For This Is The Best I Can Present Now Never Being Given A Chance to Interrogate Her With A Proper Well Deserved Trial.

"Wendy Higgins Chambers" - Bitch who accused me of "giving her my business card at a market"yet one year after the alleged "incident". Hmmmmm ....... It is my card with my website again. A website that calls out extremist elements within the feminist and LGBTQ movements - www.Signs OfGenderWar.info and www.SignsOfGenderConfusion.info or possibly my www.DrunkenFightingIrish.info.

This cowardly evil bitch watching too much TV was attempting to play the victim card along with the insane Nasty Woman movement, did not give her name until the first news organization who she approached (News 12 Ct. and their cuck reporter
Mark Sudol), who ran with her persecution, had to pull their coverage from the Inernet because they grossly misrepresented the facts with 5 slanderous lies including saying:
1: I was arrestees for "stalking"- LIE,  
2: I was "facing similar charges in California" - LIE,  
3 : I "had an outstanding restraining order" - LIE,  
4 : that there were "10 women who made complaints" which was a result of Officer Sullivan's LIES, and
5: they even got the date of the arrest wrong.

A complete nightmare. NEWS 12 CT. PULLED THEIR SLANDER AND DEFAMATION off- line after realizing they outright falsely reported on me or allegedly slandered and defamed me and YES THEY ARE
GETTING SUED BIG TIME. Seeing that News 12 had to take their slanderous coverage off-line, this EVIL BITCH "Wendy HIggins Chambers" then went to the Westport News and together with little 22 year old nitwit twitwit "Sophie Cecilia Vaughan"of the Westport News pushed more lies by trying and judging me via the media before I received Due Process.
What is so crazy is I met this crazy woman "Wendy HIggins Chambers" at a market a year before my false arrest and she made no complaint. She basically saw my arrest in the police reports and proceeded to push her opinion with News 12 and then the Westport News who obviously did not vet this whacko properly let alone ethically. Eventually God-willing she will be deposed for she cowardly evades any appearances in civil court - never seen ever and given her looks - for obvious reasons.

Wendy Higgins Chambers accused me in the report of "stopping my car and giving her my card".... once again my card - my website! No complaint or contact for over a year. Something stinks. Facts are we met in a market and had a civil conversation about various things for 10 minutes including the fact that she is married with a family.
This cowardly American witch "Wendy HIggins Chambers" is pictured here above in the News 12 Ct. slanderous and defamatory report with pointed shoes (much like a witch) at the time she concealed her identity. She then gave her identity in the Westport News' hit job by "Sophie Cecilia Vaughan", a very young feminist affiliated with Huff Post - the largest feminist blog on the planet. . I now know who this crazy American bitch Wendy HIigins Chambers looks like and remember how we met a full year before. I remember meeting her in a market a year before and having a nice 10 minute conversation about various things at checkout - no big deal ... she never complained to anyone.

Why would this disturbed woman take it upon herself to lie and push alleged slander against me a year later? For attention? To act like she was some kind of victim of what - a conversation in a market? Wendy HIggins Chambers is an obvious case of a suburban gossip with nothing better to do than fuck with an innocent man's life. A wannabe Social Justice Warrior compensating for her less than average looks. Who knows with mentally imbalanced people.

Wendy Higgins Chambers went to the press before I ever went through the court system aka Due Process (a media driven persecutory practice for actual MeToo complaints)
AND the cuck and feminist media allowed her to push her slanderous narrative. CRAZY. Why?

ANSWER - To get even with me over the anti-feminist contents of my website www.SignsOfOurTimes.info ? There
are rational answers to the insane motivations of this yet again irrational American Nasty Woman devoid of sex appeal. "

YES THE TRUTH is this lying bitch that caused unnecessary turmoil ruining my name and social media profile, was actually offended by my website's criticisms of extremist elements within the feminist and LGBTQ movements and also my criticisms of Irish Americans particularly in the Irish in the popular media.
So this crazy opportunistic American bitch attacked me without caring to know any details of the alleged incident for which I was falsely arrested. And the cuck and bird woman infested media aka "Mark Sudol" and then "Sophie Cecilia Vaughan" empowered her story that tried and judged me before receiving Due Process of Law. BEARING FALSE WITNESS - SIN - EVIL

Wendy Higgins Chambers"identity is pictured here with "Wendy" - a name meaning either "wander" in most sources or "white" from other etymology sources, with a snowman with a pointed nose -
looking much like Pinocchio -
the legendary
This clueless cunt acgtually celebrates this picture within her Facebook photos.

The name "Wendy " is written to be either from the Welsh for "white" or from the Germanic for "wander".

Geman:  wendig - manoeuverable; slippery

             wenden - to turnwenden - to turn
          aufwendig leben -extravagant life
               aufwendig - expensive, extravagant
Dutch:  wending - a turn, a twist
English:  Wander - [fr. Germ. wend to turn]
                          1: to ramble without a definite purpose or objective; roam, rove, or stray
                          2: to go aimlessly, indirectly, or casually; meander
                          3: to extend in an irregular course or direction.
                          4: to move, pass, or turn idly, as the hand or the eyes.
                          5: (of the mind, thoughts, desires, etc.) to take one direction or another without conscious intent or control
                          6: to stray from a path, place, companions, etc.
                          7: to deviate in conduct, belief, etc.; err; go astray: Let me not wander from Thy Commandments.
                          8: to think or speak confusedly or incoherently

Higgins is an Irish Anglicized form of the Gaelic Ó hUiginn, descendant of Uiginn, a byname meaning ‘viking’, ‘sea-rover’.

Old English:  Onhigian – to attack, despoil, is related.
Gaelic:  Ùigean – wanderer, a fugitive

Chambers is a name meaning' room' .
The complete translation of the name "Wendy Chambers" is either "white room" or "wander room"..
Google or Wikipedia "White Room" and you get the legendary rock band Cream, who have a very famous song named "White Room" - Google the lyrics. "White rooms" are associated with psychiatric wards .. - very fitting for this cold-hearted vindictive crazy bitch "Wendy Chambers". Among the lyrics are "I'll wait in this place where the sun never shines" .. and "Lie in the dark where the shadows run from themselves" ... a song about depression and hopelessness - dark and unenlightened and blank
- crazy!!!. Google the lyrics. Amazing. So many cases of crazy women unnecessarily pointing the finger at men. "NASTY WOMEN". There is ample evidence that this hit job against me was politically motivated given my website SignsOfOurTimes.info, and TheYellowPartyOfLight.info and SignsOfGenderWar..info aka AmericanBitches.info.

Crazy Bitch
is now responsible for a lawsuit NOT ONLY against News 12 and Westport News but also the Westport Police.
Ninny spinster
could not leave things she knew absolutely nothing about well enough alone to allow legal matters to be sorted out with prosecutors to show misrepresentations, misconduct, and lies.
Without this
shameless wannabe Social Justice Warrior
none of the lawsuits I need to pursue would have happened.

This is part of the Police Report the day of the 2019 false arrest
for alleged Email Harassment from a single Email on Sept. 18, 2018.

“Lawrence stated several times that his “Life is endanger” because of his prior arrest.
He also claimed that there was a cos piracy against him by the Westport Police Department."

Notice how the investigating and arresting Officer Mark Grasso could not spell the word conspiracy.
He wrote "cos piracy".



Urban Dictionary:  Curly haired girls - crazy and wild (just like their hair) 

English:  Curl - [fr. M.Du. krul "curly," from P.Gmc. *krusl- "lock of hair"]

                     1: to form into coils or ringlets, as the hair 
                     2: to form into a spiral or curved shape; coil
                     3: to adorn with, or as with, curls or ringlets  
                     4: to move in a curving or twisting manner  
                     5: to become curved or undulated  6: to coil  ...
                     8: to move in a curving direction; move in a curving or spiraling way
                    10: any of various plant diseases characterized by curling of the leaves;
                     the distortion, fluting, or puffing of a leaf, resulting from the unequal
                     development of its two sides;  a disease so characterized

English idiom:  Curl one's / the hair - to fill with horror or fright; shock
                       Curl up - lie down cozily

                      Toe-curling - to die

Australian/New Zealand English:  Curly - difficult to counter or answer: a curly question

English:  Curl - [fr, compare Middle Dutch crullen to curl]
             Cruller/Kruller - [1795–1805, Americanism; < Dutch krul curl + -er]
                                  1: a rich, light cake cut from a rolled dough and fried in deep fat, usually having
                                   a twisted oblong shape and sometimes topped with sugar or icing
                                  2: Also called French cruller. a rich, light, raised doughnut, often with a ridged
                                  surface and sometimes topped with white icing

English:  Kink - [fr. Du. kink "twist in a rope"]  1: a sharp twist or bend in a wire, rope,
                        hair, etc...  2: a crick in the neck or similar muscular spasm  3: a flaw or
                        minor difficulty in some undertaking or project  4: a flaw or idiosyncrasy
                         of personality; quirk  5: informal ( Brit ) a sexual deviation

English:  Reefer - ["marijuana cigarette," 1920s, perhaps an alteration of Mex.Sp.
                             grifo "marijuana, drug addict;" fr. Mexican Spanish grifa; see
                             griefo-] marijuana cigarette
             Griefo/greefo - slang. [Mexican Spanish grifa; compare grifo marijuana
                               user, apparently the same word as grifo curly-haired, kinky,
                               tap, spigot, griffin )]  marijuana cigarette

French slang:  Cintre – (curved) crazy

Russian:  Кривить - Kreeveet – to bend, distort
                Кривляться - Kreevlyatsya – to give oneself airs

                Кривляка - Kreevlyaka – poser, affected person
                Кривой - Kreevoy – crooked, curved; one-eyed

English:  Cringe – [fr. O.E. cringan give way, fall (in battle), become bent,
                            fr. Proto Germanic krank bend, curl up]
German:  Krank – [fr. P.Gmc. crincan to bend, yield] sick

English:  Swirl - [1375–1425; late Middle English (north) < Scandinavian; compare Norwegian svirla; cognate with Dutch
                          zwirrelen to whirl, German (dial.) schwirrlen to totter; all < a root *swir- (whence Danish svirre to whirl,
                          German schwirren to whir) + -l- frequentative suffix]  1: to move around or along with a whirling motion;
                          whirl; eddy  2: to be dizzy or giddy, as the head  3: to cause to whirl; twist  4: a swirling movement; whirl;
                          eddy  5: a twist  6: any curving, twisting line, shape, or form  7: confusion; disorder
                          synonyms > reel, spin

English:  Whirl - 1: to spin, turn, or revolve or cause to spin, turn, or revolve  2: to turn around or away rapidly  3: to have a
                        spinning sensation, as from dizziness, etc  4: to move or drive or be moved or driven at high speed  5: the act
                        or an instance of whirling; swift rotation or a rapid whirling movement  6: a condition of confusion or giddiness
                        7: a swift round, as of events, meetings, etc  8: a tumult; stir

English:  Spiral - [from M.Fr. spiral, from M.L. spiralis "winding, coiling" (1255), from L. spira
                         "coil," from Gk. speira "coil, twist, wreath," from PIE *sper- "to turn, twist."]

English:  1Spin – [akin to O.H.G. spinnan to spin]  1: to draw out and twist yarn or thread
                        2: forming a thread by extruding a viscous rapidly hardening fluid (spiders)
                        3: to revolve rapidly, reel   4: to move swiftly especially on wheels or in a vehicle             
                         “to take the car for a spin”  5: troll  6a: to fall into a spin   b: to plunge helplessly
                           and out of control
              2Spin - 2c: a state of mental confusion
         in a Spin – (British) to be so angry, confused, or excited that one cannot act sensibly
                                       or concentrate on what one is doing
               Spinster - loose woman
                Spintry - male whore
German:  Spinne – spider
               spinnen – to tell lies, be daft, plot intrigue 
               Hirngespinst – (literally brain spins) crazy              
Scots:  Spin – a drinking bout
           Spinkie - a glass of alcohol

Throughout the Bible and Qur’an or Koran, the “straight path” is symbolic language that is contrasted with the “CROOKED”.

English:  Wrong - [late O.E., "twisted, crooked, wry," fr. O.N. rangr, earlier *wrangr "crooked, wry, wrong," fr. P.Gmc.
                          "crooked, wrong," M.Du. wranc, Du. wrang "sour, bitter," lit. "that which distorts the mouth"), fr. PIE
                          *wrengh- "to turn" (see wring). Sense of "not right, bad, immoral, unjust" developed by c.1300. Wrong
                           thus is etymologically a negative of right (fr. L. rectus, lit. "straight"). L. pravus was lit. "crooked," but
                           most commonly "wrong, bad;" and other words for "crooked" also have meant "wrong" in Italian and
                           Slavic. Cf. also Fr. tort "wrong, injustice," fr. L. tortus "twisted."]

English:  Twist – [M.E. twisten to divide
, fr. O.E. –twist rope; akin to M.Du. twisten quarrel
, twine, O.E. twa two(]  1a: to unite by winding .. 
                            3a: to to wring or wrench so as to dislocate or distort; esp :  sprain  b: to alter the meaning
                            of :  PERVERT .. f: to form in a spiral shape  g: to debase or falsify deviously : DISTORT 
                            h: to make one’s way in a winding or devious manner to a destination or objective  
                            vi 1: to follow a winding course  : SNAKE …
                Twisty – (1970s slang)  attractively feminine, from twist (1928) girl
                Twisted – ["perverted, mentally strange," 1900, fr. twist (n.) in a sense of "mental peculiarity,
                           perversion" first attested 1811]  slang for eccentric, crazy, misrepresented, perverted
                Pervert - v. 1: to affect with perversion  2: to lead astray morally  3: to turn away from the right course
                             4: to lead into mental error or false judgment  5: to turn to an improper use; misapply
                             6: to misconstrue or misinterpret, especially deliberately; distort
                             7: to bring to a less excellent state; vitiate; debase
                             8: Pathology. to change to what is unnatural or abnormal.
                             9: to convert or persuade to a religious belief regarded as false or wrong
               Queer – [fr. Ger. Quer “oblique, perverse, odd”, fr. PIE base *twerk- “to turn, twist, wind”.
                               The verb “to spoil, ruin” is first recorded 1812, sense of homoseual since 1922]

Dutch:  Twist - a quarrel
            twisten - to quarrel, dispute

English:  Curve – [fr. L. curvus crooked, curved, bent, fr. PIE base ker to turn, bend]
             2Bend – [fr. O.E. bend fetter] 1; to strain or constrain to tension  2a: to turn from straight
                           to curved .. c: to force from a proper shape  4: to make submissive
                           5a: to cause to turn from a straight course   vi to curve out of a straight line or position
             3Bend – 3: caisson disease > a case of the ~ >  Around the bend – MAD, CRAZY
             3Bent – 1a: strong inclination : BIAS 
English slang:  the Bends – inclination to drink alcohol
                       Bender - a drunken binge
                       Bent - drunk, intoxicated with drugs or alcohol
                       Bent out of shape – extremely upset
English idiom (slang):  Around the bend – insane, crazy
British English:  Bent – morally crooked, corrupt; stolen; homosexual/gay

Russian:  Перегибь - Perigeeb - bend, excess, extreme

German slang: Grosse bogen spucken - (lit. a big curve spit out) - to be pretentious, full of nonsense

English:  Crook – [fr. 13th cent “hooked shaped instrment or weapon”, fr. O.N. krokr “hook, corner”,
                           M.E. crook “swindler”, “dishonest trick”. Meaning "swindler" is American English, 1879,
                           fr. crooked in figurative sense of "dishonest" (1708). Crook "dishonest trick" was in
                           Middle English.] 1: a bent or curved implement  2: a  dishonest person, a thief 
                           3: a bend, turn, or curve  4: v. slang to steal , cheat, or swindle
              Crooked - 1: not straight; bending; curved: a crooked path   2: askew; awry
                               3: deformed: a man with a crooked back  4: not straightforward; dishonest

English:  Encroach – [fr. O.N. krokr hook] to advance beyond proper, established, or usual limits;
                                  trespass on the property or rights of another, esp. by stealth

English idiom:  By hook or crook – by whatever means possible legal or illegal, just or unjust

Scots:  Crook – v. to halt in walking, limp; n.  a limp; adj. twisted, awry
            Crooked – defomed, crippled; cross, crabbed

Australian English:  Crook – sick, feeble; ill-humored; out of order; functioning improperly

German:  Krank – [fr. P.Gmc. crincan to bend, yield]  sick

Geman:  wendig - manoeuverable; slippery
             wenden - to turn
          aufwendig leben -extravagant life

               aufwendig - expensive, extravagant
Dutch:  wending - a turn, a twist

The etymology of the English word wander is from the German wend - to turn.
English:  Wander - [fr. Germ. wend to turn]
                          1: to ramble without a definite purpose or objective; roam, rove, or stray

                          2: to go aimlessly, indirectly, or casually; meander
                          3: to extend in an irregular course or direction.
                          4: to move, pass, or turn idly, as the hand or the eyes.
                          5: (of the mind, thoughts, desires, etc.) to take one direction or another without conscious intent or control
                          6: to stray from a path, place, companions, etc.
                          7: to deviate in conduct, belief, etc.; err; go astray: Let me not wander from Thy Commandments.
                          8: to think or speak confusedly or incoherently

English:  2Wind – [fr. O.E. windan, O.H.G. wintan..; akin to WEND, WANDER]
                           1: to take a frequently bending course; change direction; meander 
                           2: to have a circular or spiral course
              Meander – 1: to proceed by a winding or indirect course  2: to wander aimlessly; ramble

Arabic:   خراط Karrat – turner, lather, braggart, bluffer, storyteller   
This word comes from the Arabic verb karata.

               خرط Karrata – to turn, lathe; exaggerate, boast, brag, lie; to cut

"Every valley
shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low. The CROOKED roads shall become straight, the rough ways smooth."   Luke 3:5